Sunday, May 15, 2022



Prof. Michael Danino (IIT Gandhinagar) spoke about  Harappan Town Planning. He mentions the great astrologer, Varahamira, in his video. This is no doubt linked to Vasthushastra.  

The lady moderator is reading my question to Prof. Michael Danino on the use of a gnomon in the Indus Valley civilization in 17.13 in the video.

Saturday, May 14, 2022


I am pleased to announce that Graham Hancock published my article, "The Big Dipper In Ancient Indian Astronomy".  The article discusses how the Big Dipper became the basis for the Svastika, which was used by the ancient India.  It became basis for myths, and was even used as a calendar.  To view, please click on the link, The Big Dipper In Ancient Indian Astronomy.


I wrote the article, "The Pandemic, the Dragon, and the Eagle", which was published in the inaugural issue of Astrological Perspectives, the official e-magazine of the Malaysian Astrological Magazine, of which I am the Chief Editor.

This article explores how the Covid-19 pandemic affected both China (The Dragon) and the USA (The Eagle). It further explores how the pandemic affected the relationship between both countries. It introduces how two comets, ATLAS and SWAN, played a role in the pandemic as well. To download, please click on the link, The Pandemic, the Dragon, and the Eagle.

Monday, November 9, 2020


This is how CNN is reporting it.

This is how Fox News is reporting it.

This is how other countries see it.

Saturday, November 7, 2020


Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have won the US election,  World leaders are congratulating the both of them.

Both Joe and Kamala came on live TV and gave their victory speeches. There was flag waving, music, and fireworks. Totally awesome!  

Fox News may not have had a headline saying who won, but they were certainly aware.

Trump was playing golf when the announcement was  first made that Biden and Harris won.  Trump has not conceded.  He says that this is not over.  There are a myriad of legal suits being played out in the courts.  But as indicated in my post below, "The Jupiter-Saturn Conspiracy", Jupiter has turned against him, and no matter what he or his followers do, he will now lose completely.  More so since Jupiter is moving from his 5th house to the 6th house. Jupiter will soon be conjunct with Saturn.  Yes, it was a Jupiter-Saturn conspiracy against Trump.  Jupiter eventually trumped Trumps Rahu.

It's over now.  It's time to move on.  It is time for America to heal.


I am writing this at the time when neither Biden nor Trump has been officially declared the President of the USA as yet.  

The following days since the US election has shown the numerous polls to be wrong.  Trump has a much bigger support base than previously thought.  In some areas the difference has been razor thin. Many people around the world underestimated him in this regard.

After rechecking I found that Joe Biden was actually running a Jupiter Dasa (Major Period), Rahu Bhukti (sub-period) and Saturn Antara (sub-sub period) on election day, and not what I wrote earlier.  This means that his 9th, 10th, and 7th houses are triggered. The fact is that Biden has a Rahu in his 10th house, and that his 10th house is  triggered by the Rahu Bhukti.  This means that Joe Biden has a chance as the Presidency as well.  But let’s go deeper.

Now, I made my earlier prediction on the assumption that all the votes would have been counted and the winner would be declared on the same day, November 3rd 2020.  If this was done, Trump would have retained the Presidency. Put another way, the transiting Dragon’s Head (Rahu) would have conferred power upon Trump.

 That said, the different states that make up America have their own rules and regulations concerning the elections.  The counting is still going on in some states.  This is largely due to mail-in ballots.  This is quite unheard of in many other countries around the word.  Given this unique situation, an astrologer needs to look beyond November 3rd, 2020 to see what will happen.  That’s because the planets are moving continuously.  To put this in perspective, one needs to look beyond a single snapshot, and look at a full length movie to see what happens, before making any pronouncement of what will happen to each of the movie characters.

 As mentioned Rahu should have conferred the Presidency on Trump on November 3rd, 2020.  However, something was blocking this from happening.  That would be Jupiter which, at the time of the election currently in Sagittarius but was within a 10 degree orb with Saturn which was in Capricorn. This same Jupiter will enter Capricorn on 20th November 2020.  This same Jupiter will be conjunct with Saturn in Capricorn on 21st, December 2020.

The effects of this are showing right now.  The above implies that the transiting Jupiter is moving from Trumps 5th house to his 6th house on 20th November 2020. Not only that, Trumps 12th house is going to be badly afflicted.  The 12th house signifies loss, amongst other insidious things.

When all of this happens it, will cause havoc to Trump.  His known enemies will come out.  His hidden enemies will come out.  He will suffer tremendous loss in many areas, including in legal issues.  He will lose the Presidency, irrespective of all the lawsuits and the shenanigans.

By contrast Joe Biden will emerge the victor, and will win the Presidency.

As a side note, both Jupiter and Saturn are conjunct every 20 years.  However, both Jupiter and Saturn get conjunct in the same sign every 60 years.  This sexagenary (60-year) cycle is the basis of both the Tamil and the Chinese calendars. 

Tuesday, November 3, 2020



I had predicted a Trump win in my earlier post.  However, my American friend, Ron, a Trump supporter, asked me about cheating in the US elections.    As I told Ron, astrologers have to be neutral in reading a chart, irrespective of what they think or feel.  They just have to be objective and say what they read.  

The significator for cheating is Rahu (Moons North Node – Caput Draconis-  Dragons Head).  Rahu is not a planet. Rahu is an eclipse point, along with Kethu (Moon’s South Node – Cauda Draconis -Dragons Tail).  The Hindus regard it as a “shadow” planet.  The Hindus also regard Rahu and Kethu as a demon.

To know the effects of cheating, you would need to see where Rahu is placed in the subject’s natal chart (inner chart) and the transit chart (outer chart).


In Joe Biden’s natal chart (inner chart), Rahu (3, 4/10) is in his 10th house (career).  There will be some cheating in terms of communications (3rd house) and domestic affairs (4th house) with regards to his career (10th house).  But his 10th house is not triggered during election day.

Also in Joe Biden’s chart, Rahu the ruler of the 3rd and 4th houses is transiting the 7th house [Rahu (3, 4/ T7)].  So there will be some cheating with regards to communications (3rd house) and (4th house) with regards to partners (7th house). This is by transit.  But the 7th house (partners) is not triggered by the planetary periods.  So, this is a mild effect, if at all.


In the case of Donald Trump’s natal (inner chart) horoscope, his Rahu (6, 7/ 10). 

The 6th house stands for both health and subordinates).  It could mean that he could get sick on the job, and it could be due to something foreign.  The reason being that Rahu also stands for foreign.  Note that Rahu is also in charge of the arms, respiration, chest, lungs, muscle system, etc. 

The above could also mean cheating with subordinates on the job.

The 7th house stands for partners. Thus it would mean cheating with partners on the job.

Donald Trump’s Rahu, the ruler of the 6th and 7th houses are transiting his 10th house [Rahu (6.7/T10)].  This means the same as the above with regards to health and subordinates.  It also means cheating (Rahu) with partners (7th house) on the job (10th house).

It’s actually a double whammy as not only is his transit Rahu is triggering his 10th house, the planetary periods are triggering his 10th house, and all on election day.  This means that he is going to engage in cheating on election day.


Now, take a look at the USA chart.  The transit Rahu and Moon are close together in the USA’s 10th house on election day (November 3rd), but will be together on November 30th, 2020. Transit Kethu and Sun will be together on the opposite side in the USA’s 4thth house on November 30th, 2020.  It short, there is going to be lunar eclipse which will be visible over the USA on November 30th, 2020.  The effects of an eclipse are usual one month before and one month after the actual eclipse.

There will be riots and chaos in the US.  The people (Moon) won’t be happy. 

That transiting Moon and Rahu is triggering the both Mars and Uranus in the 6th house of the USA.  Not a good sign as there will be violence.  The Armed Forces, police, and perhaps the National Guard, is signified by the 6th house in mundane astrology.

To sum it up, the stars have foretold that Trump will win the USA election.  There will be cheating.  There will also be chaos.


Tuesday, October 27, 2020



An astrological analysis on who will lead the USA following the national elections.

By Chris

I actually wrote this on May 7th, 2020 when I sent this to a few friends.  However, some of these very friends requested that I publish this. So, here goes.

This astrological analysis is premised on the assumption that the USA elections will be held on 3rd November, 2020, and will not be postponed or canceled.  Here the charts of the two Presidential candidates, Donald Trump and Joe Biden, will be examined along with the chart of the United States of America on election day.


Joe Biden will be running a Jupiter Dasa (Major Period), Mars Bhukti (sub-period) and Venus Antara (sub-sub period) on election day.  This means that his 9th, 12th, and 1st houses are triggered.

There is a Transit Kethu (1,6) 1st House. This is a  loose conjunction, but it does not bode well for Joe Biden, as his 1st House (Self) is being cut by  Kethu (Moons South Node).

The people will also oppose him as shown by Transit Moon (9)   Natal Sun (10/1)  -8°19s'.

He has a Rahu (Moons North Node) in his 10th house (career).  This is normally good for politicians.  Unfortunately, his 10th house is not being triggered by the Dasa Bhukti Antaras.  There are no planets transiting and triggering that Rahu in his 10th House on election.



Trump is running a Jupiter Dasa (Major Period), Saturn  Bhukti (sub-period) and Rahu Antara (sub-sub period) on election day.  This means that his 2nd, 11th, and 10th  houses are triggered.

There seems to be fairly easy communications regarding money and gains.  This will be related to some deception and even foreigners who are in partnership with regards to his career.  This is shown by Transit Mercury (2,11)rNatal Rahu (6,7/10) 4°06a'.

The people will be very passionate and will challenge the incumbent’s beliefs so that he is off his throne.  This bears in mind that Trumps natal Mars is in the nakshatra (lunar mansion) Magha (Regulus), which is symbolic of a throne. This is shown by Transit Moon (12)  o  Natal Mars (4,9/1) -9°09s'.  

All the above said, the most prominent feature of Trumps chart on election day [3rd November 2020] is a nodal return [Transit Rahu (6,7)Natal Rahu (6,7/10)]  Rahu in the 10th house (career) normally confers great success in materialistic and political pursuits.  Then again, this is no ordinary nodal return for a few days later, on 30th November 2020, there will be a total lunar eclipse which will be visible over North America.

Bear in mind that Trump was born during a total lunar eclipse (which accounts for his thick, bushy hair).  To have another total eclipse a few days after the election is uncanny.  This is almost like a rally cry for a wolf pack to meet up.


The Sun is karaka (dispositor) for the leader of the country.  In this case, the President.

There may be some challenges in achieving ambitions especially where foreigners, money, and communications is concerned.  This is shown by Transiting Sun (9) o  Rahu (2,3/8)  1°01s –

However, there will be a boost in self-confidence, respect from others, and will be good for being in the spotlight.  This is shown by the Transiting Sun (9) r Sun (9/7) 5°46a .  

There will be improved relationships with others, especially where other peoples money is concerned. This is shown by Transiting Sun (9) rMoon (8/3) -9°38s

There will be an optimistic and strong belief in the self, with the ability to influence a lot of partners as shown by Transiting Sun (9) rJupiter (1,4/7) 1°40s 


Joe Biden has a good chart.  Unfortunately, the timing is out for him.  On the other hand, Trump’s timing is very strong, more so with the Nodal Return, which will be followed later, by a total lunar eclipse.   The country chart suggests that there will be continuity in the leadership.


Welcome to my blog!

My name is Chris, and I created this blog at the urging of my friends Jay and Dr. Behrang to share some of my ideas with you all.

I named the blog “Astro Mythological Insights”.   Why such a bizarre-sounding name?  Well, there are really two parts to this. 

Firstly, there is the predictive part, where I give my astrological readings.  I tend to like mundane astrology, so I will share some of my astrological insights into world events, although I give myself some leeway to delve into other astrological branches when I feel like it.

Note that I use mostly Vedic sidereal astrology, but I do combine with certain aspects of Western astrology to give predictions.  I believe in the best of both worlds.

Secondly, there is the non-predictive aspect of astrology, which I call “astromythology”. Yes, astromythology is a term that I coined to show the application of astrology to uncover the mysteries of ancient mythology.    

My inspiration for astromythology comes from my late Vedic astrology teacher, who went by the pen name, Dr. Agnihotri.  He used to repeat an ancient maxim that “Astrology is the Eyes of the Vedas”.   I investigated this maxim, and found it to be very true, for I could reverse engineer Vedic deities into their stellar forms.  In other words, I realized that I could figure out what star, constellation, or planet the deities were. I also used the principles that I figured out along the way to reinterpret deities of other mythologies – Egyptian, Greek, Norse, and Chinese to name a few.  I found this to be far more accurate in identifying deities in their stellar forms than simply using pure astronomy to try to figure out who these deities were.  That’s because in ancient times, astrology and astronomy were one and the same subject.   Unfortunately, astronomy and astrology went their own separate ways, beginning in the 17th century CE. 

I find my explorations into this hitherto little known aspect of the various mythologies, or astromythology, to be fascinating.  I hope that you will find it fascinating too, as I open the door to you to an entirely different world.

I shall end here with a salutation of my late and great astrology guru, Dr. Agnihotri.

May your stars shine brightly always.